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With 11 years of experience in the Product design field, I have created many products and worked across a broad scope of brands. I have a strong passion for design with in-depth experience in Cut and Sew, sketching, hand rendering, model making, 3D modeling (Rhino), human centered design research, and trend research. I understand the dynamics of the professional workspace and I have a working knowledge of manufacturing processes, along with experience in Asia travel, and trade show research. I am skilled in concept design, project management, and final design implementations. While my on the job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, I thrive in problem solving especially with consumer products, how users interact with them and creating innovative solutions to problems whether they involve functionality, costing, or test certifications. I excel at prioritizing workloads and coordinating multiple ongoing projects.

Aside from my experience and personal qualities.  I am extremely enthusiastic about the outdoors, wood/metal working, creating friendships, and travel. If I am not creating design work you can find me with my wife and kids outside somewhere having fun.

Thanks for Reading!

Sean Franks


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